Practical and Affordable Living Room Design Ideas

Your living room is one of the most used rooms in the entire house, and nowadays many of us spend a great amount of time there, relaxing and entertaining. Living room are not only places to relax and welcome guests and friends, it serves as the focal point for the entire house design. In simple terms, the living room design is the place that will bring comfort and joy to all of its inhabitants.

I think that we should design properly so that it will look as a reflection of our own style. Living room can be design according to your own personal style but the popular ones are traditional, country, and contemporary. Personally, I prefer an eclectic design where modern mingles with traditional designs.


The beginning of a beautiful and exciting living room design starts with proper selection of various materials for the wall, ceiling, and floor. While I strongly suggest you install the floor treatment last, the floor covering should be picked right away because most likely a good chunk of your budget will go to buying the floor covering. Seek the advice of friends, designers and manufacturers. These people can help you with the design or motif that you have in mind.

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The next area to decorate is the wall. Deciding what you want in a wall treatment is similar to selecting the treatment for your floor. Except when it comes to walls, there are plenty of choices such as colors, fabrics, and wallpapers or even handcrafted.

Furniture and Accessories for your Living Room Design

The first thing to do is to decide how you are going to arrange the seating area. If you have ample space, you can create many seating areas, otherwise if not enough space is an issue, work with just a single sofa, or pair of sofas. You can also use accent chairs to create an interesting grouping of furnituretraditional to modern. My favorite is to mix and match modern chairs with traditional arrangements. A good example is to place two ladder-back chairs against a traditional sofa. Adding a wing chair to the mix will give the room a casual and elegant feel. This arrangement works well when you are aiming for a ‘country theme.’

A three-seat sofa offers comfort for two people, but rarely for three. To avoid the inconvenience join the cushions when two people are seating, ask your upholsterer to make up the three-seat size with just two seat and back cushions.

Another excellent accessory that is gaining in popularity is the indoor waterfalls. Versatile, easy to install and works well with any design. Indoor waterfalls come in several styles and designs. Fountains are redefining how we use water.

It is easy to combine the various styles of indoor waterfalls to any existing decor. Custom-made fountains are also available but be prepared to spend a little more. Modern designs in homes and offices are using waterfall features to create a unique ambiance. Fountains have transforming qualities that is relaxing and refreshing. Nature’s wonder is within a few steps from the entrance of your living room.

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