Modern Bohemian Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Bohemian decor is becoming increasingly popular in homes across the world, as more people embrace an earthy, eclectic approach to design. Boho is a style of art that grew out of the punk/postmodern era and its emphasis on natural materials and organic colours. Unlike many styles of modern design, Bohemian colours and organic patterns tend not to be bold and dominate the design space. Instead, these living room themes create subtle balance and coherence in their use of colours and textures. This article will discuss some classic and modern boho wall ideas that you can incorporate into your own home today.

Modern Boys Living Room

Boho abstract canvas wall art is an incredibly funky way to add a distinctive modern Bohemian flair to any room. Abstract canvas wall art are an ideal way to make a modern boy living room feel chic and eclectic. They’re also relatively cheap, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to bring some modern design into your home.

In the Bohemian design style there is a lot of love of nature. The key is to use contrasting elements to create a unique effect that is fun and quirky. For example, contrasting reds with pinks can create a chic and stylish space reminiscent of Indian decor. Incorporating plant life into your decor is a fantastic way to bring nature inside.

Artificial plants are used extensively in this style of decor.  Although these plants are not essential, they do add a feeling of depth and meaning to the room. And who doesn’t want to feel like they are in a tropical paradise?

A popular element of the Bohemian design is the use of wool rugs. Rugs made from the shag variety are especially popular because of their loose texture and ability to combine with other items of furniture. A well chosen rug can really pull together an otherwise chaotic living room.

The finishing touches in any Bohemian space are the most crucial. In the case of the Bohemian accent furniture there is a wealth of possibilities. Glassware with an eclectic colour palette such as burnt red, deep purple and turquoise is very popular; wrought iron pieces with thick wood carvings are also very traditional and eye-catching.

Color is very important when it comes to modern interior design. Because the theme of the Bohemian living room ideas is to create an “ah-ha” moment where the viewer is completely engaged and lost in the space. It’s all about bringing out the natural and beautiful things in our lives. If you prefer more neutral colours then keep the design tones as simple as possible.

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