Gray Paint Color Ideas For Living Rooms

With gray being the new cool, living rooms decor gray has become an extremely popular choice among home owners. There are endless living room color schemes, from traditional to modern, to antique, with the addition of grey. The great thing about choosing a color scheme based on gray is that you can create a look that is unique to you, that no one else will be doing.

If you’re looking for a unique decorating style and want something different from your friends and neighbors, painting your walls gray may be the right choice for you. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create this look, and how quickly you can do so. When you use a paint sprayer, you’ll have your entire walls painted in only a few minutes. Here are a few living rooms gray walls inspiration ideas that will get you started on your project.

Wall hangings are always an interesting way to add interest to a space. Gray walls combined with pictures in black or charcoal give the walls a look reminiscent of medieval times. Adding a tapestry to a group of black and gray walls can also create an interesting accent. Tapestries come in many sizes and colors, and they will give your living rooms an elegant look.

Gray metal appliances make a great look in gray walls. Look for deep grays and black metal knobs on the kitchen and bathroom appliances. Some wall units made of gray metal with decorative brass knobs add an elegant look to any kitchen. You can also find accessories like a trash can shaped like a cat to go with the gray paint and decorative knobs.

Gray wallpaper is another popular choice for gray walls in the living room. Wallpaper comes in all shapes and colors, and you don’t have to choose plain shades. Just choose a theme for your walls and find colors that complement it. Find colors like tan, rust, and forest green, and match them with the gray furniture. You can even find artworks painted in gray.

The paint on your walls will help bring out the gray in your surroundings. You can find wallpaper in several finishes – beige, walnut, champagne, and chocolate. You can use one or more of these finishes to change the look of the room. Chocolate offers a warm feel to the walls while tans have a cooling effect.

Gray flooring can also add an interesting look to gray walls in the living rooms. Gray tiles are available in slab or ceramic styles to match your floor. There are many patterns and colors to choose from when choosing flooring. You can also choose whether you want tile with backsplash or a separate one. Tiles that have backsplashes give a streamlined look to the walls, while a separate one features a border along the walls.

Another way to update gray paint in the living room is to apply a faux leather finish over its existing paint. This will give your walls a sophisticated look. Use browns and beiges along with black or other gray colors to create a trendy look in your home.

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