67 This Plant-Filled Bohemian Living Room Wall Décor

Perhaps the most common theme in a Bohemian living room is plant-filled walls. This may be because plants come in all shapes and sizes. Different plants can be used to reflect different moods or to create unique moments. An interior designer’s job is to look for an individualized atmosphere that appeals to the senses.

There are many ways to incorporate special touches in order to add uniqueness to a living room, but the easiest way is to simply use plant-filled walls. There are more than a hundred different types of plants, and each has its own different appeal. Some are easy to maintain while others require careful monitoring. For example, some plants, such as arbors, require periodic attention and cleaning; while others like the sun require little maintenance.

water landscape planters

Generally, water landscape planters are chosen for their ability to withstand high amounts of sunlight and have their own unique appeal. The only downside to this type of plant is that they must be watered very frequently. Because of their popularity, many gardeners have realized the incredible benefits of using them. Other plants are also wonderful additions to a living room. They can help to create a rustic feeling by using earthy colors and textures, while adding color with bolder tones.

Although many of us enjoy a good book during the summer months, plants are extremely useful in promoting relaxation and helping to relax the mind during the colder winter months. Using plants can help homeowners create a tranquil atmosphere in their living room. In addition, plants are used to create a welcoming atmosphere and to create an ideal place to relax. When paired with candle sconces, plants are a perfect place to enjoy a night of reading.

The Famous Flowering Bromeliad

These are great decorative pieces for an elegant living room. The famous flowering bromeliads can make an ideal base for accessories. Pair them with cut flowers for a holiday centerpiece or other smaller accent pieces.


Another popular style of plant wall decor is that of the succulents. These plants are not only beautiful but are incredibly affordable as well. All plants are well suited for indoor use; however, they will require much care. This does not mean that you should ignore your plants; however, your plants will require special attention if you want them to survive the year. Your plants will need to be bathed frequently, and they will require a good dusting on a regular basis to help keep their leaves looking healthy.

Summer Flowering Plant

Although the majority of plants prefer the south, you can find many different styles of plant wall decor that will suit your needs. Hummingbirds, daisies, and lilies are all excellent choices for a country theme. Summer-flowering plants such as roses and gardenias can give any living room a feeling of freshness and romance. Floral arrangements are ideal for a room that features chandeliers or small pendant lighting. You can also use plant wall decor to add warmth to a large or smaller space.

For a room in your home that is truly inviting, consider adding Plant-Filled wall decor to bring a sense of quality into your home. This particular style of decor adds a country feel that will compliment your home’s design. With this design, your wall can also serve as a focal point.


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