Take a peek at 12 Contemporary Kitchen Ideas That Everyone Dreams of

In the event that making certain about the overall energy of your cook space is ending up being precarious, why not think about a contemporary style kitchen? While frequently mistook for present day plan, contemporary style is an “existing apart from everything else” tasteful. A large portion of the style that you see when shopping in enormous box stores will show contemporary stylistic layout that mirrors the latest things. While you may discover components of current plan in contemporary kitchens, present day style mirrors a particular time of inside plan (regularly from 1950-1970).

Charmed? Continue to look for 12 contemporary kitchen thoughts that will unquestionably get the wheels turning for your makeover.

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1. Get a strong light installation.

Picture Credit: Studio PLOW

On the off chance that you need a speedy then simple approach to add contemporary energy to your kitchen rebuild, at that point think about introducing a striking light apparatus. So we love the suspension lighting seen in this smooth culinary arrangement planned by PLOW. The FLOS apparatus adds heaps of visual interest while likewise giving sufficient brightening to highlight the perfect marble feasting table underneath.

2. Evaluate checkerboard flooring.

Picture Credit: Arent and Pyke

Need to add an eye-getting configuration highlight to your contemporary space? Consider a checkerboard kitchen floor design. The mathematical theme adds an energetic portion of energy, while staying exquisite on account of the luxury green and white terrazzo. Complete the look with an island displaying marble as well as verdant green framing.

3. Pick treated steel machines.

Picture Credit: Elizabeth Roberts

On the off chance that you truly need your cook space to feel like date and current, put resources into treated steel machines. In this contemporary plan by Elizabeth Roberts, kitchen highlights like the oven, ice chest, and reach hood cooperate to add a dash of mechanical difference to a fresh white scene. Ace tip: Balance the hardwearing material with more exquisite surfaces — like the slim marble ledge and dull wood cupboards seen here.

4. Exhibit a cascade edge.

Picture Credit: Stephen Paul for Hunker

Present a sensational second in a generally downplayed cook space with an exquisite cascade ledge on an island or promontory. Adding fake sheepskins to a bunch of current barstools quickly ups the comfortable factor, while layering in different surfaces. Finish everything off with open retires, a hint of plant life for an easy imbuement of shading, and presto! Your ideal contemporary kitchen is standing by.

5. Give beautiful cupboards a go.

Picture Credit: Kroniki.Studio/Hanna Połczyńska

Colorful kitchen cupboards function admirably in a little kitchen, as well as demonstrated by this stylish plan from Anna Bialobrzewska of the firm In Architekci. Keep it straightforward with a two-tone range or follow the lead of this culinary space and welcome a few flies of shading. A generally moderate plan with white dividers and herringbone wood floors adjusts the dynamic cabinetry.

6. Say something with regular stone.

Picture Credit: Photography by Felix Forest for Decus Interiors

Marble (or a copy material, similar to quartz) is effectively perhaps the most famous kitchen ledge materials in a contemporary plan, and all things considered. With so numerous colorways and examples, pretty much anybody can discover an alternative that suits their vision. For a culinary space that feels extra extravagant (and surprisingly a piece glitz), take a tip from Decus Interiors and go past marble ledges by developing your kitchen island base in marble too!

7. Think about an open kitchen design.

Picture Credit: Stephen Paul for Hunker

Contemporary kitchens favor open floor designs instead of isolated or characterized rooms. So to keep the look strong with the remainder of your living space, consider keeping the shading plan straightforward and unbiased to permit the neighboring regions to stream easily from one to the next. Here, the incorporated cooler as well as white oven permit the open-idea cook space to establish a connection without diverting from the remainder of the home.

8. Add a scramble of glitz with metal cupboards.

Picture Credit: Flack Studio

Practically everything about this contemporary kitchen plan by Flack Studio feels tremendously fantastic, yet the metal cupboards and also reach hood are the genuine works of art. So the light wood cabinetry, marble ledges, dim tile backsplash, and then substantial roof hold the glistening material back from feeling over-the-top.

9. Go for a monochromatic look.

Picture Credit: Photography by Shannon McGrath for Hecker Guthrie

So if you’re tired of a culinary space featuring white cupboard partitions, then this dark monochromatic kitchen by Hecker Guthrie is the ideal antitoxin. Therefore, dark cabinets are actually looking for a way to feel light and welcoming with a distinct white marble edging. Likewise, note the limited styling and extras all through the space — confirmation that occasionally less truly is more.

10. Trade painted cupboards for wood.

Picture Credit: Avenue Design Studio

Painted kitchen cabinets are certainly not the only option for today’s contemporary kitchens. So to an increasing degree, we see warm wood cabinets reappear throughout the architect’s house, similar to this dazzling assignment by Avenue Design Studio. The white marble edging as well as coordinating shelves combined with the white dividing candle holders make space easier and keep the cabinets from feeling too heavy.

11. Or on the other hand, welcome both painted and wood cupboards.

Picture Credit: Nordiska Kök

In the event that your heart wants both wood ​and​ painted kitchen cupboards, why not wanted the smartest possible solution? In this contemporary plan thought by Nordiska Kök, a quieted shade of naval force blue combined with warm oak upper cupboards is sufficient to make us faint. Be that as it may, in the event that you truly need to make an all around flawless scene, take cues from the brand and finish it off with wanton limestone and stylish light installations, as well.

12. Use floor-to-roof glass cupboards instead of conventional stockpiling.

Picture Credit: Photography by Tessa Neustadt for Amber Interiors

This kitchen planned by Amber Interiors uses floor-to-roof cupboards with glass entryways instead of customary stockpiling to permit a simple showcase of wonderful dishware and tchotchkes. The perfect lines and straightforward plan keep the whole room feeling light as well as vaporous. Dark ledges, trim, and then completes help ground the room.

The Contemporary Kitchens

They are usually characterized by a minimalist design as well as the use of geometric, linear themes. The design style also applies to the kitchen cabinets, inside this beautiful kitchen. Many of them have the hallmark of a contemporary design style, with simplicity and clean, sharp lines. So, not only do they add aesthetic appeal to the kitchen, they also concentrate on functionality.

Materials Used

The materials used in contemporary kitchen cabinets range from glass to stainless steel. Since wood is used, it is usually light grained like maple, ash or birch as it generally looks good in a simple design. There are special designers who create a line of kitchen cabinets that have renewable materials, such as bamboo. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also has a very pleasing aesthetic appearance. If you prefer to avoid wood, you can opt for metal kitchen cabinets. They are aesthetically pleasing, and resistant to staining and corrosion. Utilizing melamine and thermofoil as your materials, allows you to make a dramatic statement using a wide variety of color options.

Glass is gaining popularity as the material of choice for kitchen cabinets. Glass is not only easy to clean and attractive, but can also be ordered in customized colors. It is possible to incorporate it into small or large sections, to develop a seamless look.


Even though kitchen cabinets are an emphasized point of beauty, they should still be functional, enough to store every cutlery, pots and pans, and utensils needed. They employ universal design principles focused on minimizing fatigue, accident prevention, intuitive use, and flexibility. Closets are easier to access, because you have to remove shelves, slide drawers, or rotate lazy susans. These cabinets and drawer pulls have large stainless steel bars and generally have simple metal pulls or no handles at all. They allow for simple cleaning as well as long-lasting kitchen functionality.

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