Get smart with: Marble Kitchen Sink – Here’s What You Need To Know

While there are numerous alternatives and arrangements to consider – from the quantity of bowls (single or twofold) to mounting styles (drop-in, undermount, coordinated) to sink materials (cast iron, fireclay, and marble, just to give some examples) – it doesn’t. more lavish than a marble kitchen sink.

Albeit lovely, characteristic stone sinks are not without their downsides. So you need to ensure that you are completely mindful of the multitude of advantages and disadvantages prior to settling on any choices that will influence your kitchen redesign and your primary concern.

Peruse on for all you require to think about marble kitchen sinks.


marble kitchen sink with ledges and backsplash to coordinate with dim cupboards and then dim wood floors

Since a marble kitchen sink is a lot heavier than different sorts of sinks, it will in all likelihood require proficient establishment, and extra help in the cupboard. To handle the work yourself, you’ll should be a profoundly experienced DIYer who is alright with an undertaking of this size and then has every one of the fundamental devices.

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A decent aspect concerning marble kitchen sink is that they arrive in an assortment of styles. For instance, you can utilize a consistent incorporated sink – like the one in the advanced kitchen design by Catherine Kwong presented above – which implies there’s no interruption between the marble ledge and the coordinating with sink. Since this choice is uniquely crafted, and should be produced using stone squares, the last sticker price will fluctuate contingent upon the expense of the materials, the size and state of the bowl and table, and the general intricacy of the venture. Or then again, you can take the more exemplary course and select an undermount or drop-in style sink. As per Thumbtack, the normal expense of introducing a stone sink can be anyplace from $ 200-$ 800.

Cleaning and maintenance

kitchen with marble sinks, ledges and backsplash with wooden cupboards

Since marble has been used in kitchens as long as Greek personalities existed, it is still a practical material for use in culinary spaces today, as confirmed by this Parisian setting from ACV Interiors. However, how solid really is? Apart from being heat resistant, marble is also quite permeable so that it will get stains, chips, scratches and scratches if it doesn’t close as expected. What is the lesson from this story? So the installation will amazingly build the sturdiness of your marble kitchen sink.

Fortunately, it’s truly simple to keep a marble kitchen sink clean. All you need to clean is a moist material and a marble-safe cleaner to clear off the earth, however in the event that you like to utilize cleanser, ensure it’s not grating. Keep away from wipes that scratch and acids (like lemon, vinegar, and then wine) that can start to expose what’s underneath.


marble kitchen sink, ledges and backsplash with blue cupboards and wooden racks

As you can speculate just by looking at the striking marble sink showcased in the kitchen by Elizabeth Roberts, this culinary component isn’t simple. Typical stone sinks, which are made of quartz, stone, phonograph, or marble, can also cost between $ 1,000- $ 5,000, and this does not include the erection fee. So keep in mind that a larger marble sink, for example, a double sink, or a floor plan with added highlights such as a drainage board, will cost more.

Advantages and disadvantages

lodge kitchen with thick marble ledges and coordinated sink

Nothing in life is awesome, including a marble kitchen sink. In spite of the fact that we need to say, the lovely coordinated plan with the drainboard found in this lodge by Scott and Scott Architects is very close. Along these lines, with an end goal to settle on the dynamic interaction somewhat simpler, we’ve separated the principle upsides and downsides that you should know before you put resources into a shocking plan include.


  • Warmth safe
  • Simple to clean
  • Accessible in different sink models, for example, undermount and coordinated
  • Entirely tough once fixed
  • Visual uniqueness
  • Lavish appearance


  • Hefty, making it hard to introduce
  • Will require additional help in the bureau
  • May require proficient establishment
  • More costly than a standard sink
  • Requires more upkeep as it needs customary fixing
  • Inclined to staining or patina over the long run


1. Pair with brass

marble kitchen sink with metal apparatuses in a vintage kitchen

To upgrade the extravagance factor of your marble kitchen sink, in addition, pair it with metal installations that make certain to acquire an expansion style and complexity to the by and large visual. That is the means by which deVOL Kitchens makes this Carrara marble farmhouse kitchen sink look truly quite appealing.

2. Embrace exemplary visuals

marble kitchen sink coordinated in conventional high contrast kitchen

Since marble is an exemplary material (all things considered, it has been utilized in insides for quite a long time), why not utilize characteristic stone to invite a rich and hearty feel to your culinary base camp. For instance, Angela and Danielle from Studio Onyx give this culinary plan a quiet yet lovely conventional touch with the assistance of a marble worktop and a coordinating, incorporated sink for sure.

3. Think about the front sink apron

white and dark marble kitchen sink front cover in blue and white farmhouse kitchen

While sink front covers are at the highest point of many lists of farmhouse enthusiasts to get, you usually don’t have to go for white porcelain. If all things being equal, why not just go for white marble? Whereas Calacatta is immersed in this kitchen, the courtesy of Brittany of Addison’s Wonderland, lends a rich vibe to a basic farmhouse kitchen. The light blue wardrobe and Victorian extension faucet are a fun touch and also complement the youthful scene.

4. Anchor the color palette

marble kitchen sink coordinated in high contrast current kitchen

In the event that there is a prevailing vein tone seen all through the marble in your cook room, consider supporting that tint with the assistance of different highlights in your space. In this cutting edge kitchen displayed by DSHOP, the apparent dark veins of the ledge, backsplash and also sink reverberation in the lights, fixtures and pantries.

5. Make it stand apart from the cabinetry

marble cover front sink close to cream cupboards in a customary kitchen

Including particular veins, a marble cover front sink is an extraordinary method to separate it from your closet. That is the thing that Jenny Komenda does in her kitchen, and accordingly, her marble sink resembles a gem in an ocean of ​​cream-shaded cupboards.

6. Separate from the kitchen countertops

white and dark marble front kitchen sink with soapstone ledge

You can generally decide to match your marble sink with a ledge that displays an alternate tone – or possibly a totally extraordinary material. For instance, Renee and Christina from Park and Oak Interior Design collaborated with this single-bowl kitchen sinks, displaying white and dim marble, with a dark soapstone ledge.

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