Farmhouse Kitchen Island Decor – How to Create the Look

There are many types of design when it comes to a Farmhouse kitchen, but most of them share one thing in common – an all-important center island. The idea behind an island is to provide an eating area separated from the rest of the cooking space, and generally, functions as a breakfast nook. You could have an eating area in the center with stools along the walls, or benches along the outside edge.

When it comes to construction materials, it is extremely important to layer elements above your existing foundation. Reclaimed wood is the most popular choice for the furniture and countertop, as well as the flooring. For your island, choose from a variety of woods to match your particular style. Generally, it is best to go with something darker like a cherry stain if your main color is lighter than white.

For the floor, hardwoods like maple and oak work best. If you decide to use laminate flooring (reclaimed from barns and warehouses), the staining shouldn’t be too difficult. The material also protects your countertops and table tops from stains, scratches and wear and tear.

Farmhouse kitchen tile is another option to consider when designing your space. Farmhouse tiles come in a variety of neutrals, but because they are normally mass-produced, they have a very uniform appearance. This makes them easy to match with existing furniture, cabinets and countertops, helping you keep your design consistent regardless of the style of the house itself.

Another thing to consider is whether to use exposed brick or traditional wooden shelving and cabinets. Both can work very well together, and each style can lend itself to particular themes. If you want a farmhouse theme with exposed brick, then you might want to consider using smaller sized tiles that will offset the bolder colors on your countertops and flooring. Smaller, lighter tiles can also help keep your overall look from being too busy. Alternatively, you might prefer to go with white cabinets and shelves for a more rustic farmhouse kitchen feel.

A third option for your farmhouse kitchens is to go with a more rustic theme, starting with wood flooring and walls, then going all the way with exposed beams and lattice work. It all depends on your own personal taste, as well as what you find to be the most visually appealing. If you want something with more of a natural feel, then painted wooden floors are the best way to go. If you want something with a more eastern European charm, then painted wooden beams and lattice would work well.

Lastly, open shelving is a great way to add that rustic look. If you want a very large open shelf system, then you can purchase ones that are made out of wood. However, if you’re working on a budget, then you might want to save up and buy vinyl ones. They’re still sturdy and won’t look as industrial as wood ones would.

With just these three basic pieces, you can easily change your kitchen into an island that you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different accessories, such as baskets, shelves and other items. This will give your kitchen an eclectic look that will be unique to your home. Farmhouse kitchen decor is a fun and affordable way to really create a unique look for your kitchen.

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