77 DIY Kitchen Utensil Holder Ideas

The best thing about a DIY utensil holder is it can go well with almost any decor scheme (or occasion). All you have to do is replace the old pennant, the rope or twines around the bottles and the straws with the proper holders and you’re done! Here are a few helpful hints:

The Best Think To Make Your Own Utensil Holder Ideas

Start by buying the exact banner of your theme design. Next, you will want to take the pennants, place them together in a circle and tape onto your DIY holder. Next, cut a few strips of ribbon that are half the size of the strip. You will now be stitching the strips into the pennants and attaching them to the base of the holder. This will give you a custom look!

This is something that you should definitely consider. If you do not have any twines, you can always purchase a number of twine rolls online or at craft stores. A roll of twine typically holds between twenty and thirty twines depending on the size you choose and they are very easy to glue in.

The Final Step For Making A Holder

I found that a double or triple application works just fine.

There are many ways that you can incorporate these types of holders into your DIY projects! I hope that you consider adding these types of holders to your next project!

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