5 easy tips for cleaning and decorating your kitchen

If you love to cook, your favorite place at home is the kitchen. In the kitchen you will prepare delicious meals for your partner and children. As a home chef, a versatile kitchen is your dream. However, the need is not only the completeness of the kitchen equipment, but also the cleanliness of the kitchen. In contrast, a dirty and cluttered kitchen only makes you lazy to cook. Therefore, it is important to keep your kitchen clean and tidy so that you can cook better. Here are some tips for cleaning and decorating your kitchen, and not distracted from your thoughts.

Cleaning and decorating kitchen : Maximization of storage space

You can use open shelves, but it is best to place your utensils and utensils on closed shelves or shelves. This way your kitchen will look cleaner, larger and more spacious. There are many ways to create the largest storage space with a smart kitchen design. Take advantage of the kitchen area with swivel sliding drawers, built-in drawers and bottom sink. The principle is not to waste free space in the kitchen.

Regularly remove garbage

Not only should you keep as many large bins closed as possible, but most importantly, you should regularly remove garbage from your kitchen. Otherwise, when the litter is stored, the kitchen stinks and attracts unhealthy and unhealthy animals, like flies and cockroaches.

Cleaning and decorating kitchen : The sink is necessary and also the rotation of kitchen equipment

The size of your sink should be appropriate for the size and needs of your household. Having a large family means needing more cooking utensils and dishes, and the capacity of the sink also depends. Also, do not delay washing dishes by grinding dishes and other utensils. Even after cleaning, the tool should be rotated several times to allow the area to dry immediately and immediately store it in the cabinet.

Group kitchen appliances by category

Create unique kitchens by category for easy installation and to find your kitchen appliances. Dishes such as pots and pans can be placed on the kitchen wall. Then there are plates, glasses, and drawers that separate utensils (blanks, forks, chopsticks) and kitchen utensils such as daggers, tongs, and spatulas.

Don’t delay cleaning the kitchen

The most important thing in the last step is to have the discipline to clean your kitchen regularly. Especially after a fat cook gets dirty here and there. Do not delay in cleaning your kitchen to avoid bad odors, pests, stains or stains that cannot be removed from the kitchen floor. With regular cleaning, your kitchen will be clean and a fun place to let your creativity run wild.


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