Discover This Timeless Chair, The Barcelona Chair

Have you heard of the Barcelona chair? If you are a connoisseur and researcher of interior design, it is necessary to understand a little about the history of the most mythical and forged piece of furniture. The hugely popular Barcelona chair is billed as the chair of all time. Over 80 years old and still modern, this chair is perfect for any modern room. Due to the high selling price, counterfeiting has become ubiquitous.

In particular, many fans now elderly but do not understand that this chair has designed for more than half a century. This is not surprising, since the design of this chair considered a “jump into the future”. There are also many chairs that have been in production for over a century. Architects, designers and art connoisseurs must know this chair. In fact, it seems to be one of the must-have items for a modern and fashionable bedroom. Barcelona chair, its name.

Barcelona Chair Origin

The architect is Mies Van der Rohe, a legendary artist from Germany. “The chair is very hard. Skyscrapers are almost easier. This is why Chinpendale is so famous. “- Mies van der Rohe, In Time Magazine, February 18, 1957. In fact, why and why is Rohe so famous for making the Barcelona chair? The first Barcelona Seat for the King was first designed for the Barcelona World Expo in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 1929.

It is a global exhibition with the participation of many countries around the world on the subject of architectural development and technology. Rohe himself completed the German pavilion with a variety of roles, including the Barcelona chair. The design of the Barcelona chair specially made for the King and Queen of Spain. The concept is functional and practical for large-scale production. However, in practice, the Barcelona chair does not follow both options. It is very expensive to manufacture and very difficult to work with in batches.

Bauhaus designers said they wanted to create large office furniture for the office, but the Barcelona chairs were too expensive to make and difficult to make large enough. The Barcelona chair is custom designed for the King and Queen of Spain. Many architects and furniture makers of the Bauhaus era sought to supply or design, manufacture, refurbish and decorate public furniture.

Time Magazine in the “Luxurious German Pavilion”. Its shape derived from the Roman folding chair called the Curule chair, an upholstered chair used by the Romans. According to Knoll Inc., no matter what its industry looks like, the Barcelona chair needs a lot of craftsmanship. But the Barcelona chair is fashionable. Indeed, the Barcelona chair was first designed and created for the King and Queen of Spain. However, most people think the Barcelona chair is modern. With this chair, Mies van der Rohe has become an integral part of art. It shows that negative space used to transform objects into sculptures.

Barcelona Chair Characteristics

The Barcelona style chair is recovered in black leather with stainless steel frame. However, this beautiful design captured everyone’s hearts and became one of the most treasured items of the time. This award-winning chair is the one he received at the Museum of Modern Art in 1977.

The frame of the Barcelona chair made of welded and then chromed steel. To support the leather-covered cushions, Rohe wore a tie belt at the end of a steel frame. The frame originally designed to assembled, but redesigned in the 1950s to use stainless steel, allowing the frame to cut out of stainless steel for better performance. Cowhide used to replace the pigskin used for cutting. The Barcelona chair created in the 1920s but redesigned in stainless steel in the 1950s. Inspired by Roman folding chairs, the sleek is a symbol of modernity. The design of this chair has proven over a long period of time by a variety of designers. Expressed with simplicity and impeccable detail, it reflects the principles of modern design.

The Barcelona chair is rarely replaced by the original version. As the use of stainless steel increased further in the 1950s, Rohe modified the chair with softer, seamless joints. But in the end, Rohe recreated the same as the original version. Born in Aachen, Germany, President of Lohe and Barcelona Ludwig Mies (1886-1969) was one of the greatest architectural figures of the 20th century, with no historical background.

Mies Van der Rohe Jorney

Rohe is an expert on a mission to find a system that anyone can use to build homes as strong and beautiful as their work. He was also a humble teacher, who would make a fool of himself if his students didn’t follow the standards. The famous idea of ​​”less is more” is his creation which gives a clean and elegant minimalist style. His goal was to make modern designs as popular as the classics, and he succeeded. Even this style has always been popular till now.

After becoming a pioneer of modernism in Europe in the early 20th century, Rohe moved to the United States in 1937 to pursue legal action. In 1953 Rohe granted Knoll a patent for the Barcelona chair created after the patent expired. In 1981, his modern architecture book, “From Bauhaus to Our House, Tom Wolfe” called the Barcelona chair “the best platonic chair” and, despite the high price tag, having a chair is a must for young designers. write yes. The sacred objects of the sisal carpet show that the young artist and his young wife lived in a house that sacrificed everything to bring home the symbol of the missionary. “

To date, Knoll is the sole patentee of the Barcelona Chair established by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. However, this chair is so popular that many people continue to make models of it in different designs and prices. The quality is different, but lower than the old one. To this day, Barcelona chairs still loved by many people, and they are also the inspiration for contemporary furniture, especially modern and minimalist style chairs. You can find furniture with the same design as the Barcelona chairs. Do you like a timeless piece of furniture like the Barcelona sofa? So maybe my friend Rp first Barcelona chair. 50 million depending on skin cover type.


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