72 Samantha Gluck’s Bright, Minimal Scandi-Inspired House Tour

From pre-Modern to high-modern, from Edwardian to Mid-Century Modern to Minimalist to Post-Modern. So, if you are opting for a Euro-style house design. Either as a result of the relative economic decline, or simply a desire to bring the best of traditional, classical and comfortable living into your own home. A minimalist approach can be a great way to do so. Samantha Gluck’s minimal house designs could be an option for you to try.

In these economically recessionary times, the minuscule figures of house tours and house search. What an exciting time for us modern, European, and contemporary-oriented peoples! Perhaps one of the most important elements of a successful house design is whether the interior and exterior of your house are minimalist or Euro-styled. In a world where everything and everyone is busy and travel less. Being able to afford home renovations and home living has become an increasingly high priority. The best part about a minimalist approach to home design is that it fits in with most any type of design style.

House designs which allow room for minimalism include styles like Danish Colonial, French Country and Stag, English Country, and Southern European designs. Typically these house designs feature minimal elements. Whether that means a very simple framework or a choice of colors, texture or pattern. As long as the look is functional and at the same time enhances the beauty of the house. These styles are best suited to homes with large spaces or where the inhabitants will spend most of their time away from home, whether for business, leisure or pleasure. You will want your house to be welcoming and inviting, yet stylish and sophisticated enough to host guests.

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Samantha Gluck’s Minimal House Components

The success of a minimalist-inspired house design depends heavily on the attention given to design. Minimalists are well aware of how important design is. Also, how crucial it is to create that eye-catching exterior while maintaining the interior elements that make up the heart of the design.

One of the most essential components of any house design is window treatments. Because a minimalist home is fully interior, allowing minimalist interiors to incorporated into a design, window treatments are the ones most affected by interior design.

For example, an over-crowded bedroom might give the impression of overcrowding if it has a simple bedspread. Conversely, a minimalist bedroom may look lovely and complete without being much more than a modern painted wall. Also, some pillows or perhaps a bed skirt and a basic cotton comforter. A practical, functional and well-designed interior design can take advantage of everything that makes the minimalist-inspired interior space feels more like a home. In this way, the design elements of a minimalist space can be much more effectively integrate into an existing design. Rather than struggling to fit into an existing scheme.

Marrocoan Style for Minimal Design

An ideal, perfect example of a minimalist-inspired house design would be a Moroccan one. This has all the hallmarks of a home design, with classical carvings and ornate, classic furniture. What makes this home design truly attractive is the use of extreme minimalism. In addition, a huge central, bay window on one side and a couple of small glazed French windows on the other.

Next door to the Moroccan-style home, the owners also have an absolutely beautiful bed and beauty curtain. However, the red walls have beautifully painted black. This gives a much more focused appearance, whilst keeping the door to this room completely closed, leaving only the front door to allow any sun to shine through. The end result is an incredibly coherent minimalist style, that is both visually impressive and hugely attractive.

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