5 Primary Colors for Strong Home Interiors

Choosing a color to decorate the interior is often confusing for staff. After all, usually choose neutral colors such as white, black and beige. If you want to play it safe, that’s no problem. But if you want to try a little more, how do you apply the original color for your interior? The primary colors is the same color obtained without having to mix it with other colors. By combining one of the primary colors of red, yellow and blue with other colors like purple and green, you can create a charming interiors without being too flashy.

The choice of colors to combine with the primary colors should not be negligent. Draw a color wheel and select colors that oppose the primary color you choose to create blending and contrast. Here are some inspirations for furnishing your interior.

The charm of red and green for a modern classic interior

Who would have thought that the walls would look so good with easy to use colors? The red color was used as the primary color for the wall panels combined with the white lines with the diamond pattern and the light green furniture and doors. The decor does not have to go through, only a beautiful vase and a wall mirror can decorate the room.

The joy of yellow and purple for a modern minimalist interior

One of the main colors, yellow, is so bright that it is often avoided when choosing the color scheme of the interior. Using the colors below instead of the character will make the inside sticky. But if you like yellow and want to use it at home, choose a pale yellow tone and mix it with purple. Add a primary color to some mixed furniture with purple to make it more versatile. Leave the walls white with white paint so that these colors blend well with the whole face of the room.

Mature look with a mix of blue, yellow and gray

The primary color is designed to be applied with the second color in combination with other primary colors. Like the inspiration above, the blue of the furniture such as the chair is combined with the yellow color of the fabric, with the gray in the middle of the two primary colors. Thick yellow curtains or curtains will make them look beautiful in the sun. Blue, bright colors for velvet or leather sofas, give a nice feeling. On the other hand, gray armchairs and coffee tables will make you feel modern.

Luxury red and gold

Like luxury and sculpture, the Victorian interior style is ideal for use in large living spaces. For a stronger, bolder attitude, use red as the main room color and add gold accents. It is the first color with the luxury of the Victorian era, which is associated with the royal family.

Calm blue in a Scandinavian interior

When you think of Scandinavian interiors, you think of a room with mostly neutral colors or an all-white room with elements like parquet flooring and ornamental flowers. Scandinavian design favors medium or natural colors, but there is nothing wrong with combining simple colors like blue as the theme of the room. No need to choose flashy colors. These simple colors can pop in the bedroom with pastels or light shades that will make you happy at bedtime. Depending on the color of water or natural, the blue color of the bedroom furniture will definitely suit the Scandinavian design of the bedroom.

Want to apply the first color to your home after getting inspired for 5 rooms with the first color? If you’re confused about choosing a primary color, there’s no better way to call an interior design service so they can choose the right color combination for your home. Enjoy using simple colors for your home!


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