Vintage Inspired Christmas Decorations

Christmas is Our favorite time of year. The owners of the – store in Nashville are looking for creative ways to combine vintage Christmas decorations into their vacation with simple touches such as greenery, glittering ornaments, and special decorations. One way for her to accomplish her simple old-fashioned Christmas look is to transform everyday looks into beautiful Christmas decorations and adorn the vintage pieces she has collected throughout the year. with a special touch for the holidays. He’s even created a tradition of adding items that give vintage a new but antique feel, and each year he and his daughter choose the festive Santa in addition to his heirlooms. She dedicated herself to her heritage with touchless holiday decorations and a few brushes to decorate a small space in the house. You’ll visit the vintage-inspired Ours Christmas house and collect vintages, tips and tricks along the way.

Festive veranda welcomes guests with flowerpots

Our holiday season begins at the doorstep. He planted a small tree in a white box and hung it with a magnolia mower. Placing the pots on both sides of the veranda creates a harmonious, well-defined space with a sense of the season. Lead guests to the door with a boxwood wreath adorned with spruce, cedar, and boxwood garlands.
For the overall effect, more is better.

When it comes to lighting a 9 foot tall Christmas tree, Our uses their “more is better” concept. It connects every inch with white light to add depth to the wood and mixes silver, gold and white metallic mercury glass balls with other vintage adornments in white and soft to decorate the base of the light.

Our southerners appreciate tradition and the holidays are a great time to display heritage. Cut down the tree to make a family event when the ornaments reminded us of Christmas last time when we were associating with special people.

Blend of evergreen leaves and metals

In Our family room, identical items receive a special holiday gift. Even a simple flapper is fun when there are gold and silver trinkets and chunky magnolia sprigs. Our changes branches every 2-3 weeks for decorative purposes.

Bring your own wood cutters or buy a few centerpieces and place them on your wreaths, centerpieces, garlands and more. Magnolia leaves add to the southern vibe and give your vacation full, fresh greenery.

Clear glass works as a subtle background

The clear glass helps to fix the decor but does not disturb your image. In her kitchen, Our has stacked a dessert rack to hold a Santa mug made with her favorite hot chocolate.

Decorate what you already have

This time of year, Our presents a vintage bottle tree and baked reindeer with a 24/7 mercury drink. It goes inside the green leaves and sprinkles with eucalyptus seeds to give it some holiday color and scent.


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