7 Creative Floating Shelves You Can Try

A floating shelf is furniture resolution to improve the internal building. In addition to the cheap price experience, the shelf is also easy to install. It is not surprised that the counter-competition is at home. You can also make your own floating shelves. See the list below!

Simple and elegant floating wood shelves

Concentrate on the long line to make the process configuration for easy processes. Corner wooden floating shelves installed on the left and right, and adjusted to different places in the middle. The drill part is repainted with a natural finish for a nicer finish.

Crate boxes for rustic or farmhouse feeling

Shelf creations can also made from various solid wood materials, for example, this shelf from this used crate box. The box is light but still strong, making it a good shelf item. Tighten the screws with a drill and you’ll get a special, cool patch unlike any other!

The beautify of  geometric  shelves

Shelving works not limited to horizontal patterns, geometric floating shelves can decorate the walls of your home. Choose models of charming such as hexagonal or triangles that can mix and match the appearance of wall walls.

Cute cloud shelves (or any shape you like!)

The walls of small things are as little as a floating shelf in the form of clouds. This hood allowed to welcome you to accommodate the unit and a beautiful apartment. Do not place too much weight on the shelf, especially in children’s models, and place them as close to your child’s safety as possible.

Mini shelves for floating pots

This pretty floating shelves comes with a nice little pot. Birch shelves are lightweight, easy to install, and have a natural feel that pairs well with whatever green details you want to give as gifts, making them suitable as accessories.

Vertical garden using mesh grid

You can facilitate a vertical garden by making shelves at home. Many filing floating shelves for creating a mini garden can be made in the form of wooden or metal fixtures. The green confidence of trust in the mesh grid in the house and looks new at home.

Floating shelves with secret drawer

Have the ability to make a shelf above average? Don’t miss the tutorials you can find for making shelves with secret drawers like the inspiration above. It’s perfect for small knick-knacks to important things that you want to hide quickly.


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