Gallery Walls in the New Year The 7 Classic, Never-Fail Tips to Remember All Year Long

Many people who own new homes are looking for inspiration from their new home through a picture, image, or message on a wall. In many cases it’s a way to get their house exterior and interior photographed to help the home’s designer decide what types of classic gallery walls design elements they should include. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own home, photos taken of previous homes will help you visualize how your home would look like if it painted a particular color, finished with a certain type of wood or ceiling paneling.

The quality of your home’s room decor will impact the design decisions you make for it. You may have very vivid visions about what you want your rooms to look like, but it’s important to realize that your vision may not match the expectations of your interior decorator. It’s also possible that your home decorator may have much more design influence than you think. You can always ask your interior designer to have your picture taken or find a wall or an area of your home that is exceptionally large that would make the perfect photo wall for your home.

Classic Gallery Walls for Staircase

An option for a photo wall is a staircase. In most homes, a photograph of a staircase near a door, perhaps a picture of an upper upper-level staircase leading to the upper level, is a very nice photo to use. You may choose to use pictures of stairs that lead to the front door, or a picture of a view down a hallway or stairwell to give you a clear idea of how a home would look from the entrance.

A good photo of a staircase will make your creative interior design ideas come alive! It can be used as a bridge between the real and the imaginary. In other words, the photo can help you visualize the new home that you’re planning to build. Just think about how a staircase helps you get to your front door – or the top floor of a building – and what is there to do down there, how much fun you’d have just strolling down the stairs…

Photo Wall and Photo Inspiration Wall – The Dream of Your New Home

Photo walls can be used to get ideas for bathroom mirror settings. A good idea would be to have several images or a single image from every bathroom in the house – all the bathrooms are part of the same home, so we’ll call it a house ‘loft’ – be sure to take pictures of the bathrooms on a day to day basis to help you visualize them from the inside. You’ll need to be careful of taking too many pictures of the same bathroom, because you may not be able to remember which one looks best.

Another way to get creative with your house interior and decorating is to incorporate a unique artistic element into the decor. Think about using wall hangings, paintings, or even fabrics that reflect the theme you choose for your home. Not only can this add a sense of personality to your decor, but it can also help you imagine what the interior of your home might look like with its new addition to the family.

Having a photo wall or a photo inspiration wall in your home will help you have a creative time building your new home. It can also inspire you to use your imagination in the future of your interior decorating efforts. It can be a wonderful way to work with the world to help you create the dream home you’ve always wanted and not have to worry about your new decorating decision affecting the design of your home.


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