6 Most Unique Soft Material Craft Ideas

Various Anti-mainstream Soft Material Crafts

Hesitant to create a soft material craft? In fact, these soft material crafts are favorite crafts because they have high artistic value.  Clay, leather, and even woven rattan crafts are also available in crafts made from soft materials. Do you want to craft from a variety of soft materials into personal accessories? You can do it! But now there are also many special and versatile crafts for home decoration. Soft material crafts are designed for Japanese interior, Scandinavian, or other concepts that rely on natural nuances.

So what are some soft material craft that can complement your home decor? Here are some special options for you!

Aromatherapy Candles

Made of paraffin, these soft materials will not only sweeten a shelf or table in your home, but air freshener aromatherapy candles will make your home more attractive due to their aroma. You don’t even have to think of a special place to put these different crafts. Its small shape saves space and can be placed anywhere on a shelf, guest table or sofa bed.

Rattan Vase

Yes, rattan is a soft product that can be used as a unique and fun craft. Rattan armchairs and rattan armchairs are already known, but how to decorate your house with a rattan vase? You can place these sweet objects on your table and add beautiful flowers. The living room will be more beautiful and new. The light brown color of rattan can adapt to the concept of Japanese and Scandinavian houses, keeping the warmth of the house.

Clay Bowls and Vases

Clay can be made into a variety of crafts, from bowls to vases . But have you ever considered making or buying one? These crafts are as versatile as room decoration or packaging. Decorate your room by choosing the shape and design of your favorite clay mug and adding it to the dishes and drinks in your home.

Water Hyacinth Bag

Water hyacinth is another soft product that can make a variety of interesting materials. Make or buy a hyacinth water bag to decorate your room. Your house will be different! Like a minimalist living room, a hyacinth bath bag in the corner of the room can be a space saver. This bag can be a great place for a small umbrella or a key. The other thing is true: the hyacinth bag is an attractive treat for anyone coming home.

Corn Skin Ornamental Flowers

An interesting bouquet of flowers in your vase every day and you want to buy flowers? Wait, don’t choose plastic flowers when buying artificial flowers. You can use special soft materials in the form of beautiful corn husk flowers. Corn husk flowers are more beautiful than plastic flowers. In fact, these beautiful flower arrangements made from cornmeal can beautify the interior of your home, supporting many interior design ideas such as Scandinavian, industrial or Japanese. Now, if you’ve used flowers to decorate your craft with wares, choose a vase with natural shades, like Dekornata’s Conva Tree Vase, to make it more attractive. Unique designs combined with small handicrafts of soft materials make the rooms in your home more beautiful!

Goatskin Painting

Goatskin cannot be used as a material for making shoes or jackets. You can decorate your house by making goat skin a special soft material. Now goats are very popular as a painting medium. This goat painting will also make your home more beautiful and luxurious.

So which profession do you think is the most special? So, which crafts do you want to choose to decorate your home?


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