4 Indoor Garden to Help Prevent The Global Warming and Make Your Home More Beautiful

Global warming is a very hot issue circulating in recent times. Global warming has a negative impact on the surrounding environment. For example, making the air around the house feel stuffy and hot. When leaving the house, the only view seen in urban areas is multi-story buildings. Indoor garden is felt to be decreasing and make global warming even worse.

You need to know, indoor garden is very influential on the balance of the planet earth where we live. Therefore, as living beings, we still have to make efforts to provide indoor garden for our earth. Even though the percentage of indoor garden is decreasing, it doesn’t mean we don’t have the opportunity to create or even have garden around or inside our homes.

Creating garden can be implemented in various ways. One example realized by planting various types of plants in the front yard, back and even in the house. So you don’t have to worry if the house doesn’t allow you to have a garden in the yard because we can make a garden inside the house. Because the most important thing is that the plants we grow at home can give at least a refreshing feel. And the good impact is that it can contribute oxygen to our earth even though it is very small. You can still think of it as garden anyway! For garden models that are located on limited land, it usually called a minimalist garden with green plants and flowers that are not much.

Another benefit of growing plants and creating an indoor garden at home is that plants believed to be able to facilitate air circulation and also prevent global warming. Also provide lighting that feels optimally natural and can also add aesthetic value to your home. So, are you interested in making this minimalist garden to make your home more beautiful and help prevent the effects of global warming on our earth too? We’ve got some cool and interesting references for your inspiration. Let’s look at some minimalist gardens in the house that make the atmosphere more fresh.

Garden with hydroponic system indoor

Planting plants by applying a hydroponic system at home is suitable for homes that have limited land. It is all because its application does not require a lot of space. Hydroponic systems are also suitable for growing vegetables. Who would have thought that apart from making the house feel more beautiful, it turns out that the vegetables that planted can later harvested and consumed personally. Starting to make a garden with this hydroponic system is very easy.

Try to look at the room around the house and choose a room that has the best air circulation system and sunlight. Hydroponic planting, which is not much different from conventional plants, turns out to only require minimal and economical maintenance. It called economical because you can use used plastic bottles as planting containers and buckets to provide plant nutrition. There are also those who choose to place plants on PVC pipes. They will form a unique hydroponic garden series in the house like you in this photo!

Now for the selection of the plant itself, almost all types of green vegetables are suitable for hydroponic planting. Starting from vegetables that usually processed into dishes such as mustard greens, eggplant, spinach, cucumber, and celery. Also, kale, basil, green mustard, oregano and zucchini.

Indoor garden using pots to prevent global warming

Using pots as a medium for growing plants is the most practical way to create a simple garden at home. For those who have a house with limited land, you can just place a few pots with your favorite plants in a corner of the room. Or near the window or also just use one large pot filled with various plants or combine many pots at once. Both look attractive and make the atmosphere in the house is more beautiful and beautiful.

Caring for plants in pots is also relatively easy, just adjust the intensity of watering to the needs of the type of each plant in the pot. To provide additional nutrients so that plants don’t wither quickly, you can provide additional nutrients. Take example from fertilizer, it’s also easy, you know, just mix fertilizer with plant soil. This fertilizer application is enough to given once a month so that plants can have a healthy and optimal body. Then don’t forget to clean the leaves so they don’t get dusty, this also helps increase plant fertility, you know. Oh yes, it turns out that the choice of pot variations can also beautify the garden, you know. You try to make a garden that is located in the house by utilizing these potted plants, it must be fun!

Indoor garden under the stairs

The area under the stairs often considered not strategic so that many underestimate or even underestimate and only make it a storage area for goods. In fact, so that the use of the area under the stairs becomes more varied. This area can be used as a minimalist garden in the house. For those who have an empty area under the stairs, maybe you can try this method to have a beautiful garden in the house.

Because the area limited, you can start arranging the garden under this ladder by choosing medium-sized green plants and you can also embed various types of rocks so that the atmosphere looks natural. You can also install pots on empty walls under the stairs. On the other hand, you can use potted plants that hang from the ceiling under the stairs. For this garden care, you can add lights to illuminate the garden and also to help plants in the photosynthesis process.

Garden in a Japanese garden style house

Deciding to have a garden in the house of course must realized with the responsibility of caring for the garden itself. Some people feel it is risky to have a garden in the house. They are worried about the land that is scattered in the house so that it is felt to be inconvenient for the homeowner. So, for those of you who don’t want to bother cleaning up the soil that scattered around the house every time watering, you can try other alternatives to plant plants in a garden-style house in Japan.

Because this Japanese garden style has a characteristic by using stone media and green plants. As in the picture of the garden model in this house by providing a small area filled with rocks. Place several types of green plants too, you can also add a small fountain decoration in the middle. Maintenance also guaranteed to be easier. Because you only need to water the plants with the appropriate intensity without worrying about the soil being scattered around the garden. It’s time to create a garden in the house.

Despite having a house with limited land. You can really have a garden in the house to get a more beautiful and fresh home atmosphere.


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