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Are you the type of person who likes serenity, comfort and romantic privacy? Then the farmhouse is the right style for your home. Farmhouse is an interior design style that applies a calm rural atmosphere and blends with nature into the room of the house. Historically, farmhouses often combined with animal shelters. A house with a design like this is suitable to be built in the countryside and around the farm. Although the farmhouse displays a typical rural atmosphere, this concept can also applied to those of you who live in urban areas and like modern style. So, how to apply this farmhouse style into the interior?

Warm Home Modern Farmhouse Decoration

Farmhouse-style home decor often displays a warm and friendly atmosphere. Present this style in colors such as brown, beige, white, light yellow, brick red, orange, to dark blue. These colors can give the impression of a calm, warm, and comfortable home interior.

The element of warm color is the key to this design style. The use of wood material with a combination of other furniture that is a little “modern”, is the right way.

For the sofa, you can use a material made of soft fabric with a neutral color. As a sweetener, the use of wood elements and ornamental plants can make this western-style home interior appear more natural.

The farmhouse-style interior is intended to give a warm and friendly appearance. Farm house-style design, makes every occupant feel comfortable with a romantic atmosphere and interior feel.

If you look at it at a glance, you will feel that the farmhouse decoration is also a rustic style. In fact, these are two completely different design concepts.

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Farmhouse Style Differences with Rustic

Farm house and rustic are two design styles that may be similar. However, there are quite significant differences between these two design styles.

Farmhouse-style design comes with furniture that accentuates natural elements. However, the use of furniture with natural elements has undergone refinement or additional paint. Even so with cutting from the use of modern furniture so as to give a more presentable appearance.

Meanwhile, rustic is a decoration that comes with a completely natural look. Like the use of rough wood furniture without polishing or paint. In addition, rustic-style furniture is also deliberately made to show untidy sides and cuts.

So, the difference between the two can be seen from the model and shape of the furniture. If the farmhouse is equipe with modern furniture, rustic comes with an old-school vintage impression. Old furniture and furniture are the mainstay of the rustic style in home design and decoration.

Although the farmhouse involves modern furniture, this design style actually emphasizes the traditional look of the countryside. “Western” countryside to be exact. And the use of modern furniture in the farm house design style intended to give a clean, tidy, and comfortable appearance, as well as warm and romantic.

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