Teenager Bedroom Ideas To Bring Out Personality

When decorating your teenagers bedroom, some ideas that she comes up with might not be what you would have chosen for her. Remembering that this is her area and allowing her to express herself in her room is better than having her frustrated and deciding to go to extremes to find her individuality. Teenager bedroom ideas should come from your teenager, then you can add to it or improve upon it if need be.

Remember you are working with a teenager and not a child so bedroom ideas should reflect that. During the teen years preferences will change and it may be hard to keep up with what is in and what is out. Having an area to study, or to just relax and read a book is a great idea for your teenager’s bedroom. Giving your teenager a space in her bedroom to listen to music and take time to herself is great. You can also include a computer for her to do homework if you would like. This is something that you should only do if you feel she is responsible enough to handle it. Giving your teenager too much responsibility at once can cause her to become lost. Allowing your teenager to help come up with bedroom ideas will help the process immensely.

There are several areas that you have to think about when you are coordinating your teenager’s bedroom décor; some of the basics are included here.


You need the colors to look good together. Bright colors that make a statement about her energy are a popular choice currently. If your teenager’s favorite color is lime green you may want to go with hot pink or black to accompany it. If your teenager likes darker colors it looks great to use a bright color with them for accents. Regardless of what colors you would prefer, it’s important to get input from your teenager before starting.


Get a piece of paper and scale a model of the bedroom so that you can see what furniture you want and where you want to keep it. You can decide what size of bed you are going to have and how much room you have for furniture. This will save time rearranging furniture to see how you want the room decorated and will help you to come up with ideas of what will fit in your teenager’s bedroom as well.


Putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls can bring new life to your teenager’s bedroom and help you to come up with ideas for décor as well. Magnetic paint has become very popular, when you want to hang a picture up all you have to do is use magnets instead of making holes. With the posters that inevitably end up on teenagers’ bedrooms this idea can be a huge advantage. You can also use stencils while you are painting to put your favorite pictures on them and sponge painting will help with texture.


When coming up with teenager bedroom ideas you may want to include a floor covering. You can put in new carpet or even a wood floor. The floor covering can be neutral in color so it can match the different themes that teenagers go through during this phase in their lives.

Window Treatments

While you are coming up with teenage bedroom décor ideas you should entertain replacing their window treatments. Among your choices for window treatments are blinds. There are many different kinds of blinds that can add privacy to your teenager’s bedroom. Pick the ones that match the overall feel of the room. There are blinds that open horizontally and others open vertically, this can be woven into the overall theme of the room.


Once you have covered the basics, give your teenager the choices of decorations. Paintings, pictures, and posters as well as mirrors and even trinkets can be a few decorations to use in your teenager’s bedroom. Discuss these while you are trying to come up with ideas. This is where your teenager is able make their bedroom match their personality and by implementing her ideas you will find she will be much happier with her bedroom.


You need bedding that matches the room as well. It may just be the color and not the design that matches.

Decorating with your teenager can be a lot of fun, especially if you both approach the project with open minds. Make sure to set the ground rules early on if there are things you absolutely don’t want to see happen. Otherwise, work together to come up with a plan and then set aside ample time to get everything completed.

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