Vintage Bathrooms Are Back in Style

When it comes to designing and decorating your home, one of the most popular choices is to go for a vintage look. Why is this? Many people love the look of the old Victorian bathroom, which was very popular in America at the time. For others the word vintage itself can mean a rustic Victorian bathrooms, while for others it can mean a traditionally designed bathroom. Yet for yet another, it can mean retro or art Deco.

Popular Designs Vintage Bathrooms

As you would expect with such a big choice, you are not limited to a particular style. You can have a vintage bathroom that is based on a period such as the Edwardian period, the Art Deco style or even the Retro design. What ever your taste, these styles can still look wonderful in your bathroom. The following look at some of the popular designs you will find useful when designing your own vintage bathrooms:

Single version of the vanity featured above.

Slice has been taken out of a bathroom wall to house a recessed vanity area, and a top mounted mirror

A small island divides the trough of this smart double vanity unit, offering up a resting spot for bathroom essentials.

Victorian Bathroom Tiles

If you like the Victorian era, then the Victorian Bathroom Tiles are ideal for designing your own vintage bathrooms. These tiling patterns have been around since the mid 19th century. They consist of travertine, limestone, chalk board and porcelain. In Victorian bathrooms you will find them in white or cream colours. Today the white ones are more popular, though they can still be found around in various shades of cream.

Black solid surface casting forms a seductive bathtub design, beneath a contemporary swing arm wall lamp.

Descending from the ceiling, a highly unusual faucet fills this marble pedestal sink.

Even smaller sized bathrooms can accommodate interesting decor installations. This very shallow shelving design elegantly accentuates the positioning of a gorgeous bathtub.

Another vintage bathroom design that is very popular is the claw-foot tub or the Jacuzzi. This is based on a design from the Classical period. Today the design has moved on but the idea of this vintage bathroom is still very much alive, with many people still wanting to create this look in their homes. One thing to note is that you can still find these in a wide range of different shapes, sizes and colours.

Mirror image style double vanities stand at the core of this large bathroom design.

On trend green paintwork and a modern geometric floor complement the timeless elegance of a black marble basin.

Rustic stonework reins to the rafters in this one of a kind space. A pure white textured block backs an open plan shower area, accessorised with dark grey brushed steel.

Original Design Bathroom

The Victorian style of claw foot tubs have also made a return after it’s long absence. The original design was made to fit in a corner, however, since the popularity of these vintage bathrooms have grown so has the number of manufacturers producing these. They are now available in a range of different styles and finishes. If you want a more traditional style than the original vintage bathroom will fit well.

Instagram has also seen the return of some vintage bathrooms. People have been sharing pictures of their unique vintage bathrooms on Instagram. You can see pictures of claw foot tubs, toilets with toilet’s water mirrors and more. These are very unusual designs and there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you love vintage bathrooms then these instagrammable bathrooms will definitely appeal to you.

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