Traditional Bathroom Lighting Ideas That Will Never Get Outdated

If you’re someone who likes the idea of ​​having a private sanctuary that looks and feels like it’s from a different era, then a traditional bathroom is definitely worth considering. Like any other bath, a traditional setting is really only complete if it has lighting that complements the aesthetic perfectly.

Scroll through for traditional lighting ideas that make excuses to add a sense of history to your bathroom.

Incorporate an industrial touch

Just because a bathroom is traditional top-down doesn’t mean you can’t nod at other design aesthetics. For example, industrial style can easily fit into a traditional design, by using an Edison bulb or by hanging a factory-style chrome pendant over the vanity, something Kelly from Lily Pad Cottage does in the bathroom.

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Be a little modern

Traditional bathroom lighting doesn’t always have to look vintage. If you want to create a bit of juxtaposition in your traditional bath, follow directions from Jean Stoffer Design and choose a light fixture that looks a little modern. Here, the team chose to go with an eye-catching pendant that flaunts a brass finish, which beautifully complements the wall lamps, toiletries and cabinet hardware.

Don’t forget picture lights

You might think that picture wall lamps are reserved for places like the dining room or living room, but they actually work well in a traditional bathroom – especially if you want to showcase a special piece of art. Anastasia from The Identité Collective paired an adjustable arm lamp with an additional bathroom wall lamp, for extra lighting in the dressing table.

Match the other finishes

If you want to keep the visuals clean and sophisticated in your traditional bath, use the same finish overall – from vanity lamps to drawers to toiletries. Polished brass is definitely a theme in this arrangement styled by Alisa from A Glass of Bovino.

Be a little playful

Guess what? We’re here to tell you that traditional style doesn’t mean stuffy. In fact, it can be a little funny and weird at times, as evidenced in this space by Katherine of Hausmatter Interiors. The designer incorporated fun and unexpected snake-patterned wallpaper and curved bathroom vanity lights that mirror the prints.

Select the color of the milk glass

When it comes to ceiling lights, you can never go wrong with milk glass, especially in a traditional bathroom. While clear glass also looks timeless, shades of white glass have a throwback quality that looks just in time. Seen here in a bronze finish, a pendant takes center stage in this Ashley-style sanctuary from The Gold Hive. One make-up set is a perfect match that comes together seamlessly.

Alternatively, combine it with an alabaster diffuser

Whether you’re talking about floors, wall tiles, or kitchen countertops, natural stone looks right in any bathroom. But have you considered using any of these materials when it comes to lighting fixtures? Yes, believe it or not, you can transfer the same beautiful veins we all know and love to the lampshade, of all things. For example, Erin Kestenbaum complements this green space with a beautiful flush stand that shows off an alabaster glass diffuser. Get out!

Channel the Versailles with a brass candle holder

Yes, Versailles splendor can literally be piped into your bathroom. It’s as easy as attaching a three-light vanity wall sconce to the bathroom mirror, just like Tamara from CITRINELIVING did in her bathroom. Paired with classic wall paneling, Roman colors, and matching Victorian faucets, the finish is exquisite.

Take advantage of high ceilings with hanging lamps

Traditional bathrooms have an element of luxury, so toiletries need to be just as luxurious. Think big, big chandeliers. You can always go for something a little more traditional, but we prefer a classic crystal design as seen in this charming setup by Kate Marker Interiors. Complete the look with a simple dressing table lamp and double slippers.

Leaning on a vintage aesthetic

Vintage home decor always looks stunning in a traditional space. For some retro flair, consider a flat stand that looks as if it was transported from another time, something Kim and Scott of Yellow Brick Home have done in this bathroom. Black and white mosaic floor tiles are also a nice touch.

Consider choosing a traditional, updated color

The fabric lampshade instantly communicates a traditional vibe, from pleats to custom designs. Studio McGee’s Shea is updating the classic look in this stunning bath, opting for simple tapered colors made with natural paper.


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