Industrial Style Bathrooms Plus Ideas to Decorate Your Home Interior

The trend of having a industrial bathroom with white and chrome fixtures is fast becoming obsolete. People are looking out for different and trendy bathroom designs with bold and earthy hues. Bathroom accessories with unique and earthy shades are now in vogue. These days, you can find so many unusual items that add color and life to your bathroom walls. Let us check out 10 unique bathroom designs with earthy or vintage colors that add color and character to your bathroom walls.

If you want to have an old-world charm, then you should go for the rustic and traditional look with exposed pipes and a stone countertop. For your bathroom style, you can choose one with an antique sink with exposed pipes and old-fashioned fixtures. A modern touch can be added by adding a mosaic tile on the wall or using funky mosaic tiles on the floor. For your hardware, you can use old-fashioned pot rack with some contemporary twist and add modern lighting with bulbs. You can also use old-fashioned towel holders with a modern twist and match them with the soap holder.

A combination of marble and concrete creates winning contrast.

Darken down a basic white scheme with black window frames, black showerhead and matching curtain rail.

Black metal bathtubs with exposed pipes and metal wall sconces are another trendy option for your Industrial Style Bathrooms. You can add an old-fashioned chrome faucet with a polished brass ring. Chrome bath towels in black metal with vintage styled hooks and edges can give your bathroom an old world charm. An old-fashioned towel holder made of metal and covered with black metal hooks would be an interesting addition to your room.

Plain frameless mirror is given more character by suspending the glass from an industrial style hanger.

Rustic stone is another way to add warmer colours to your decor without losing the raw industrial edge.

Old fashioned mirrors with glass shades and chrome fittings are another trendy option for your industrial style bathroom. These accessories with a vintage feel can enhance the effect of your ultra modern theme. Old fashioned soap dishes with a chrome knob are also an interesting way to give your bathroom the illusion of vintage design. Old accessories with a vintage look can also give your bathroom an authentic and stylish touch.

Gold fixtures look rich and inviting against cold concrete and whitewashed brick surrounds.

Industrial pedestal design can be purchased online, the sink is from Stone Forest.

Here are some more trendy ideas to give your bathroom a unique touch. There are lots of black metal wall sconces in chrome finish that are very classy looking. In case you don’t have black metal wall sconces at hand, you can get some elegant ones that have silver handles and are made out of crystal. An old-fashioned magnifying glass that has a black metal frame is another retro accessory. Old model toilets with white seats and chrome faucets with vintage chrome handles would be an interesting addition to your restroom.

Team the patina of upcycled designs with chic marble countertops and an ethereal palette.

The toilet wall in this bathroom scheme sports industrial designs that might not mean much to read but they do add quirky interest.

This time metal pipework holds sconces at either side of a vanity mirror.

If you are planning to go for a minimalist look in your bathroom’s, then here are some industrial style bathroom ideas to glam up your home. Granite and marble flooring are some of the best options when it comes to a floor covering. You can find different patterns in these materials as well as various shades to choose from. There are also tiles with different themes available that can make your bathroom look great. Caroma completehome murals can add a touch of glamour to your bathroom’s that will exude sophistication.

Old paintings can also serve as good accessories for your bathroom’s. Some of the most common paintings that you can use include old oil paintings or works by famous painters. Other than that, old pictures of famous world landmarks can also look amazing when placed in your bathrooms. Some of the places you can get these paintings from include antique stores and galleries. There are also many online stores that sell old photos and paintings in their online galleries.

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