Charming French Country Decorating Ideas with Timeless Appeal

Old but not obsolete. This represents what French country decor is all about. The most significant element of this style is the rustic and well-worn appearance that provides an impressive look to the house.

Inspiration- a Vintage Step Ladder in the bathroom

It is possible to now seriously consider what you need your home to look and feel like. Another aspect to consider is if your home is in a house consider the house’s architecture too. Aside from the bohemian air of the environment, the house provides the impression it has not yet been inhabited for quite a while, thus the rustic character. The house in the picture does not appear to belong to the true world, because of the atmosphere.

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French Country Decor Inspiration Ideas

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Easy ideas to update your rooms in 5 minutes

My bathrooms- again- always white on repeat and I always have white bathmats.
 I love the ability to bleach them weekly- and that they feel like a spa.
Though admittedly- sometimes I crave a pop of color or texture- and that is a perfect way to add that ‘bam!’ in the bathroom.


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