74 Southern Style Meets Scandinavian Minimalist – Boho Bathroom Design

Southern style meets Scandinavian minimalism is a recent thing. Although the Scandinavian style may have been developed around the sixteenth century and the era of European history has long since passed, the style continues to be in use today. It is said that Thomas Kinkade was inspired by this style and went on to popularize the Boho bathroom designs.

The South, as the south part of the United States is known, is a place where the concepts of minimalism and avant-garde art can be noticed on nearly every street corner. Like in other parts of the country, the creative elements such as art, music, photography, theater, and theater are also involved in the Boho style of interior design. In fact, some of the best examples of Boho interior design can be found in New Orleans and Atlanta.

Minimalism and experimentalism can be seen in many architectural pieces, as well as a variety of designs. Everything seems to be done with a little art, even when there is not. This style is mainly used for interior design, including the bathrooms. But does Southern style meets minimalist?

Minimalist Interior Boho Bathroom

A minimalist theme for bathrooms is based on the color black. It can be seen everywhere. As you may notice, almost all pieces of furniture and accessories are black. Even your toilet and shower fixtures can be black. If you are still wondering whether there is more than that, well, there is.

It is true that these styles are very similar, yet there are differences. For example, in a minimalist bathroom, there is no or hardly any paintings, artworks, pictures, or other artistic pieces that you would find in a typical bathroom. However, in a minimalist bathroom design, everything you see is clean and simple. When it comes to bathroom interior design, your bathroom can be decorated in any style you want. However, the Boho style is a relatively new trend. But before you rush out to purchase a Boho bathroom design, you have to do some homework. Take note of the resources available to you and follow them.

Bathroom Style Design

Because of the fact that everything is so minimalistic, it can be hard to make a statement in a Boho bathroom. This style is usually very simple, which can make it difficult to bring a theme to the home. However, if you decide to go with this theme, you may want to incorporate a specific theme that suits your personality.

Small bathroom ideas are popular. Your small bathroom can become a statement in itself with the right decorating ideas. When you choose the right decorating ideas, you can really make a statement when it comes to the way you present yourself and your home.


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