Modern Bathroom Floating Shelves Design Ideas For You

Modern Bathroom decor is the answer to any clutter in the modern, “down to earth” home. Perfect for clutter-free bathrooms and for recreating the look of a bygone era, it provides an almost museum-quality ambiance. In this style of decor, every aspect of the room is “green” (by definition). It features environmentally friendly materials, natural colors. Also, perfect placement of lighting, not to mention plenty of wall and ceiling tiling. Of course, no matter what kind of decor you decide on. You can never go wrong with mirrors and bathroom furniture made out of solid wood and wicker. Bathroom furniture (like floating shelves) plays a major part. Many people will argue that it is the most important item. Some will even make the case that you should simply buy the absolute best piece of furniture you can afford. Yet, the bottom line is that having the best piece of furniture in your bathroom does not make your bathroom, and your life, better.

Modern Bathroom Floating Shelves Design Ideas For You

So what is the right furniture for your modern farmhouse? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. Most items in modern bath and kitchen design designed to harmonize well with one another. Moreover, to coordinate with the theme of the room, including both hardwoods and other more costly materials.

Most of us have a very large room to decorate, and these pieces of furniture are perfectly adequate. For instance, there is no reason why you cannot purchase a table and end table set that can be used to hold towels and toiletries in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen. Some homeowners prefer to have a small guest bath separate from the main master bathroom, and will choose to use a small table and chair set instead of a full bathroom suite.

You may also find some pieces easier to navigate than others. For instance, a contemporary-style toilet makes cleaning the bowl a breeze, but this also makes the job of plucking hair from the sink difficult. With such “compromises” in mind, you can purchase a traditional piece, such as a vanity unit with matching vanity tray, and then purchase a matching “floating shelf” to hide away unused towels and accessories.

So, now you know how to hide those unneeded items, you will be able to save yourself some good time and keep the bathroom clutter free. Go ahead and take a look at some modern farmhouse bathroom ideas.


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