66 Simple DIY Apartment Decorating to Beautify Your Design

Simple DIY Apartment Decorating is the best way to get a great decor for your own apartment. A well decorated apartment can make your place feel bigger, nicer and more comfortable. So when you are planning your decor, be creative and bring in some inspiration.

Your Dream Rooms Make Use of the Country Feeling! If you want to create some Country styled spaces you can do so using color combinations that remind you of growing up in the country. Many people enjoy trying to recreate this feeling using modern furniture. Using textures and colors that seem to be influenced by nature in their designs.

Think Country with Color Combinations Like bold, beautiful, deep reds, clear glass wall fixtures, deep pink and blue and earthy colors such as brown, grey and tan. You can also use colors in dark shades and use black to create some very funky looking light areas. Dark colors create a larger space and can sometimes feel brighter and more contemporary. The best part about using dark colors is that they also allow more natural light into the room and make it look smaller. This can create the illusion of more living space than you actually have, which makes for great living room decor.

Cozy Bedroom Decor Simplicity is key when creating a cozier bedroom decor. Clean lines, simple colors and textures make things easier to work with. Using solid tones that can be paired with soft pastels will create a softer and more relaxed feel in your room.

Give an Expressive Touch to Your Room Using Expressive Patterns to decorate is easy to do. Just take a brightly colored painting that captures a feeling you want in your rooms and paint a pattern onto it. Then pick a fabric that compliments the patterns and a rug that match the pattern and hang it on the walls. Then add accessories that match the colors and create a warm look. You can choose to stay with colors or you can create geometric shapes or abstract patterns to create something completely unique.

Bohemian Loft Style Decor With an Expressive Loft Bed Look, you can also pull off some unique accents. By going for a Roman shade or a traditional western style roof this allows you to create a “bling” effect when the sun hits the room. While many people stick to a roomy look in an oversized bed, they may opt for a smaller bed that can be decorated in a free form manner. This way your bed can still be a roomy piece while looking comfortable and cozy.

Another great way to create a loft style is by using some rug runners that are a free form pattern and then adding a complimentary rug to the front and back of each runner. This looks great in any sized bedroom. To create the free-form look, you can get creative and use large pieces of rugs that are the same size as each other, but have some detail on them like large floral patterns or images. Simply sew a large edging between the two pieces of rug. Then simply use some bright colors to finish the look off.

Using pictures of lovely people and places as inspiration to decorate can be just the thing to make you feel inspired and give you some beautiful inspiration. Beautiful soft neutrals and earthy colors can work well to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.